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Course Approval / Credit Transfer

To secure necessary approvals and the transfer of credits, students are required to complete a ISAP Course Approval Form. Participants must make sure their projected study abroad credits do not exceed the number of transfer credits allowed to receive a Fordham degree (generally 60). Semester study abroad students must register for a regular full-time course load abroad which is the equivalent of 15-18 credits per semester.

Core curriculum requirements can only be fulfilled by Fordham courses offered at Fordham centers abroad. Fordham College students must obtain major/minor advisor approval and GSB students must obtain approval from the Assistant Dean of Global Programs for courses taken abroad towards majors or minors. Fordham’s Director of Study Abroad must approve all courses to be taken abroad in advance. Program forms requesting official university approval must be signed by Fordham’s Director of Study Abroad.

Grades earned abroad are recorded on a student’s transcript, but with the exception of those Fordham-taught courses in the Fordham in London programs and Fordham in Granada are not calculated in the student’s GPA. A grade of C or better in each course is required. Credits for duplicate courses will not transfer. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis will not transfer. Courses must be the equivalent of at least 3 Fordham credits to transfer.

For more information about credit and course transfer, please refer to the academic guidelines section of your Pre-Departure Handbook.

Fordham course descriptions can be found here.
Fordham course attributes can be found here.

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